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We at Valorius Living Spaces offer our clients more than just fabrication and installation services; we are an avant-garde architectural firm as well as a construction advisor with considerable experience in the industry. It is our forte to materialize the dreams of our clients into physical reality. As a firm committed to transforming conceptual ideas into architectural masterpieces, we strive to take a client-driven approach, crafting each space to reflect the distinctive wishes, ambitions, and lifestyles of our clients, while simultaneously infusing it with aesthetic flair and accuracy.

Using cutting-edge innovation and classic design principles, our team ensures that every project is infused with originality and executed with the highest level of accuracy. With an unwavering commitment to high standards of excellence and an inherent commitment to value, Valorius is synonymous with excellence. Every detail is attended to with utmost care, as we continually strive to go above and beyond what's expected.

In our approach, collaboration is key. We prioritize our clients' visions throughout the design and implementation process. Valorius embraces the unconventional and the challenging, converting them into awe-inspiring architectural realities. Our all-encompassing services span the complete journey of fabrication and architectural design, from the earliest sketches to the final strokes. Our philosophy is one that intertwines groundbreaking innovation with age-old design principles, offering a full spectrum of services that extend well past the traditional confines of fabrication, installation, architecture, and construction. This approach guarantees a smooth, customized experience for each and every client.

Our fabrication facility, operational since 1984 and serving the international community, demonstrates our dedication to excellence. By strategically situating our manufacturing sites in close proximity to our fabrication facilities, we ensure rapid and efficient production cycles. This strategic placement not only minimizes waiting periods but also significantly improves our capacity to deliver a high-quality final product in a timely manner.

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Through our International Fabrication & Architectural Agency, we have assembled a premier team of experts, including top architects, innovative designers, and skilled installers. Our focus is on Valorius – more than just a brand, it represents our commitment to excellence. We specialize in providing cutting-edge architectural aluminum & glass building solutions, each characterized by innovation, energy efficiency, and sustainability. Our offerings go beyond mere products; they are a blend of top-quality materials, superior functionality, and modern design. Our goal is to set new standards in the industry.

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FROM Amsterdam TO Athens

At Valorius Living Spaces, we have forged a unique position in the industry, primarily as expert fabricators while also benefiting immensely from our close proximity to Greece's leading aluminum manufacturers. This strategic advantage stems from Greece's significant role in the aluminum industry since the 1960s, which greatly influences our operations. While we don't manufacture the aluminum ourselves, our location near top-tier manufacturers allows us to efficiently source high-quality aluminum products. We specialize in transforming these materials into customized architectural systems, such as tailor-made windows and doors, suitable for both private homes and commercial properties. Our expertise in fabrication, coupled with easy access to premium materials, enables us to provide efficient and effective solutions.

In our Athens-based facility, we meticulously craft products that meet the unique needs of each client. Post-fabrication, these products are prepared for international shipping, either by sea or land, to be delivered reliably to the project site. Upon arrival, our certified expert team oversees the installation and conducts thorough verification to ensure impeccable quality and precision.

Our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of excellence is a cornerstone of our customer experience. Each project culminates in a Ribbon Cutting ceremony, symbolizing the successful realization of our clients' architectural visions and the collaborative journey we share. This practice not only marks the completion of a project but also celebrates the achievement of bringing our clients' dreams to life.

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This harmonious blend of skilled fabrication and strategic sourcing from nearby manufacturers forms the essence of our success. It allows us to deliver high-quality, tailor-made architectural solutions promptly, ensuring our clients benefit from both our extensive experience and our dedication to efficient, timely delivery.

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When it comes to designing extraordinary architectural masterpieces, from grand planetariums to cozy mini domes, our skill shines in effortlessly simplifying complexity. Our mastery seamlessly merges with your imagination, crafting spaces that surpass the limits of convention. Every project is a work of art, expertly executed through a blend of precision and innovation. We employ cutting-edge technologies and traditional methods to not only fulfill your ambitions, but to elevate your lifestyle to new heights of elegance and refinement.
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Wether you want to build a planetarium or own a mini dome, we've engineered an experience where complexity gives way to ease, where your vision seamlessly merges with our expertise to bring forth a dwelling that transcends the ordinary. Crafting these G-Domes involves a symphony of precision and innovation. We harness cutting-edge technology and time-tested techniques to create spaces that not only fulfill your desires but also elevate your living experience to new heights.

home innovations!
Geodesic domes

Step into the future of modern living with G-Domes, a fusion of simplicity and contemporary style. Whether you assemble it yourself or enlist a Valorius contractor, G-Domes redefines home construction, offering visionary and convenient living solution at your fingertips.

Explore our diverse range and redefine your living space today. Discover G-Domes, custom-made structures that epitomize ease and modern aesthetics.

Our mission is to empower you to effortlessly realize your ideal home, with our skilled contractors. G-Domes provide unmatched accessibility to your dream living space.

A whole new world awaits you. If you can imagine it, we can build it.

Here at Valorius Living Spaces, our top priority is bringing your wildest dreams to life. From creating one-of-a-kind custom mansions to designing affordable homes, we offer a diverse array of services to suit your unique needs. Our expertise also extends to introducing modern concepts such as vertical gardening and city farming, while also providing the latest in energy-efficient technology like passive houses. Let us help you transform your ideals into tangible reality.

green innovations!
green houses

At Valorius, we are a pioneer for revolutionary greenhouse city farming and vertical gardening platform. This initiative, supported by EU subsidiary funds for eco-farming to reduce CO2 emissions, signifies a paradigm shift in agricultural practices. Our urban farming projects redefine traditional methods, catering to both private and commercial sectors.

This collaboration introduces a new era of sustainable farming, leveraging innovative greenhouse technologies and vertical gardening solutions. Through EU subsidies for eco-farming, we are fostering a prosperous future while significantly reducing carbon footprints.

Our platform introduces cutting-edge urban farming projects, offering diverse opportunities for individuals and businesses. These initiatives aim to transform the agricultural landscape, promoting a greener, more sustainable approach that benefits both communities and the environment.

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Our products have been meticulously evaluated and certified by prestigious international organizations for their superior qualities and outstanding performance.

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We intricately blend visionary design concepts with the precision and sophistication of our building systems to craft spaces that embody elegance, functionality, and innovation.

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